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Frequently Asked Questions

Subbster provides premium streaming services on, Spotify,
Premium, to its customers at a fraction of the cost. Our subscribers
will have access to all the features and content currently available through
this services, as well as the ability to enjoy the premium benefits of the

Yes, Subbster is a legal service. We have taken all necessary measures
to ensure that our services comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
Our subscribers can feel confident in their decision to subscribe through
Subbster, as we are committed to providing a safe and trustworthy platform.

Yes, you can still access all the content available through each
streaming service with a Subbster subscription. Our subscribers will have the same access to the full library of content as those who subscribe directly to
each platform

Subbster takes the security and stability of its services very
seriously. We have taken steps to ensure that our services are not shut down and are guaranteed to be available for the entire duration of each subscriber's subscription. If for any reason our services are shut down, we offer a full money-back guarantee to our subscribers

Our support encompasses general questions about theme functionality, help with configuring the theme settings and any observed bugs or theme issues. It does not cover issues such as errors due to third-party plugins or as a result of modifications made to the theme code. For the full details on the scope of our support, please visit our Support Policy page.

Your account will be set up through Subbster's platform, regardless of
your location. Our subscribers can access their premium streaming services from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a stable internet connection. Our platform has been designed to ensure that our subscribers can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience, no matter
where they are located.

No, each Subbster subscription is intended for individual use only.
Sharing your subscription with others is a violation of our terms and conditions and may result in the termination of your subscription

The cost of a Subbster subscription varies depending on the premium
streaming services you choose to subscribe to. However, our prices are significantly lower than the cost of subscribing directly to each platform, allowing our subscribers to save money while still enjoying premium services.

Signing up for a Subbster subscription is easy. Simply visit our
website, select the premium streaming services you wish to subscribe to, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the subscription process

To cancel your Subbster subscription, please contact our customer support team at [insert contact information]. Our team will assist you in cancelling your subscription and processing any necessary refunds.

If you have any questions about Subbster or our services, please contact our customer support team at Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.